Welcome to A.A.

Into Action Group welcomes you!

Please download and review the pamphlets below to familiarize yourself with what A.A. is and can do for you to help you stop drinking and learn to live sober.

Our group members are committed to helping other Alcoholics achieve sobriety.

Our men and women who are group members generally always have sponsors, are actively sponsoring others, and have worked all twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous. Many of our members are active in service within our fellowship and are willing to share their experience, strength, and hope if requested.

Downloads available below are very helpful to newer members of A.A.

Below you will find materials to assist with your decision whether you are an alcoholic, should attend A.A. and seek help with learning to live sober.

If you need help obtaining a sponsor, contact us at sponsor@intoactiongroup.org

A.A. Newcomer Packet

A.A. at a Glance (pdf)

Is A.A. for You? (pdf)

This is A.A. (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About A.A. (pdf)

Do You Think You are Different (pdf)

Problems Other than Alcohol (pdf)

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